Walk, Hike, Run, Bike

We are excited to offer multiple route suggestions for the virtual race!  There are just SO many great roads and trails in the Santa Cruz Mountains and surrounding areas. Choose one of our routes or create your own.

1-Mile (1.6K) Route

Skypark 1 Mile – Walk, Run, Bike: An easy stroll or jog around the Skypark neighborhood walking path. Great for families.

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2.3-Mile (5k+) Route

West Glenwood Loop Trail CourseThe Glenwood Preserve is a favorite among locals. The west side is open for walking, hiking, running, and biking.

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3.12 Miles (5K) Route

3.12 Mile (5K) – Henry Cowell Pipeline Trail – Walk, Hike, Run, Bike- This pet-friendly, hilly, paved scenic path guides you under the redwood forest canopy and offers a beautiful view of Monterey Bay and San Lorenzo Valley from the lookout bench.

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6-Mile (10K) Route

Henry Cowell Redwoods 10k / Walk, Hike, Run, Bike: This popular out-and-back paved trail is nestled under the redwoods and follows a hilly course that’s full of natural beauty as it follows the San Lorenzo River.

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10 Miles (16.1K) Route

Emma to Twin Gates / Mountain Bike only: Start at the popular Emma McCrary Trailhead in Pogonip and make the twisty climb. Connect over to the UConn Trail and continue climbing to the Chinquapin Fire Road. Cruise along the trail, pass the famous UCSC tanks, and continue till the twin metal gates. Turn around and enjoy the downhill all the way back to Pogonip.

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26-Mile (41.8K) Route

 Glenwood Hustle  / Road or Mountain Bike only – Start at Scotts Valley High School and head into the redwoods on a scenic road that twists its way up. Pass the famous Mountain Charlie road, pass over the old train tunnel, and continue climbing towards the Glenwood neighborhood. A little more climbing and soon you’ll be at the top. Enjoy the view, you’ve earned it. Now get ready for an exciting downhill ride.

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Scotts Valley Educational Foundation

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